National Museum, Delhi

India has a rich and diverse culture. She gave birth to one of the oldest civilizations of the world – the Indus Valley Civilization. She saw rise and fall of emperors. She witnessed plundering of invaders and numerous battles. She, as a mother nourished the talent of her children in art, music, literature, architecture, medicine and many other fields – of which some stood the test of time, while others perished.

National Museum, Delhi, one of the largest museums in India houses a large number antiquities – well preserved and displayed. The museum is divided into a number of sections –Harappan gallery, Maurya gallery, Gupta Gallery, etc. – each one filled with gems of art.Visit National Museum at Delhi to travel back in time 🙂

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Great Renunciation of Budha, National Museum, New Delhi

Great Renunciation of Budha

Marthanda, National Museum, New Delhi


National Museum, New Delhi

Nagini, National Museum, New Delhi


Railing Pillar showing a male Figure,National Museum, New Delhi

Railing Pillar showing a male Figure

Musicians, National Museum, New Delhi


Buddha, National Museum, New Delhi


Vishnu, National Museum, New Delhi


Neminatha, National Museum, New Delhi


Ganesha, National Museum, New Delhi


Bodhisattva head, National Museum, New Delhi


Buddha head, National Museum, New Delhi


Candle stand, 19 century AD,  National Museum, New Delhi

Candle stand, 19 century AD

Shield of a Maharaja, National Museum, New Delhi

Shield of a Maharaja

Krisha with his girlfriends, National Museum, New Delhi

Krishna with his girlfriends 😉

Jewel studded chair and foot rest of King of Banaras, National Museum, New Delhi

Jewel studded chair and foot rest of King of Banaras

Tusk depicting Buddha's life scenes, National Museum, New Delhi

Tusk depicting Buddha’s life scenes

National Museum, New Delhi

An idol kept outside the Museum building

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