Shaheed Minar (Martyrs’ Gate), Imphal, Manipur

Shaheed Minar was built in the memory of martyrs who laid down their lives during the fight against British in the Anglo-Manipur war of 1891. In an attempt to inject fear into the people thereby avoiding any more uprisings for freedom, Yubaraj Bir Tikendrajit and Thangal General of Manipur were hanged at this spot in front of huge public gathering. Around 8,000 women wearing white cloths assembled to show solidarity to the Prince and General.  The situation proved to be counterproductive for the British when the General laughed aloud before being hanged – giving immense strength and determination to the Manipuris. You can see this confidence level on every Manipuri even to this day.

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9 thoughts on “Shaheed Minar (Martyrs’ Gate), Imphal, Manipur

  1. August 13, the day they were hanged is observed as martyr’s day in Manipur. And that laughter is re-lived in the play staged at the Gandhi memorial hall on that day in different shows – at least used to in the past! Enjoyed reading the entry here!

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