Bishnupur temple, Manipur

While I wasy on my way to Loktak Lake and Moirang, we passed through Bishnupur. I told Bashan, my newly met friend at Manipur, that I have read about the terracotta temples of Bishnupur. It was he who insisted that we should visit the historic temple. We were not sure about the route to the temple as he was also visiting this place for the first time.



This Vishnu temple is one of the oldest brick temples of Manipur. It was built during the reign of the King Khyamba (AD 1467-1506). The idol of Vishnu was believed to be gifted by the King of Pong to King Khyamba after his successful conquest of Kyang, a Shan Kingdom in present day Myanmar. From the pictures you can see that renovation was going on when we visited this place. The idol was not present in the temple – maybe it was moved to a safe location as repair works were going on.This temple is a protected monument and is maintained by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). ASI’s role in preserving architectural heritage of India is commendable. The renovation work of temple was supervised by Noor Islam of ASI.

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Bishnupur temple, Manipur

6 thoughts on “Bishnupur temple, Manipur

  1. this Temples were build during the BISHNUPRIYA(manipuri) era at bishnupur…
    Meitei king like BISHNUPRIYA culture and buil this buildings to show his love to Lord Bishnu.
    BISHNUPUR was never part of MEITEIBRAK (old Manipur) it is the land of BISHNUPRIYA (manipuri) not meitei … I’m a native speaker of Meitei but in this term I support BISHNUPRIYA


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