Chow mein for breakfast at Kasba, Tripura

24th December 2014: The only item available for breakfast at the restaurant near Kamalasagar Kali temple, Tripura was Chow mein and I was not sure what Chow mein was!!! I was super hungry. My stomach was not in a mood for experimenting new food but it was the only thing available to eat. All concerns faded away when I realized that Chow mein was actually noodles 🙂

DSC_0265-2 Chow mein, Tripura


11 thoughts on “Chow mein for breakfast at Kasba, Tripura

  1. We have it in Chinese and Surinamese restaurants here in the Netherlands. Usually the chow-mein were fried with meat/chicken and veggies and it is almost the same to regular egg-noodle but with thinner noodle. It is delicious 🙂

    In Indonesia, we actually eat fried noodle (mie-goreng) or fried rice (nasi goreng) as breakfast 😉 Lucky you to have chow mein as breakfast!!

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  2. I eat any food for breakfast and really like breakfast for my evening meal. Eggs in the morning make me queasy. But those noodles look more like spaghetti than traditional chow mein. Still, there is no bad pasta! Yummy. Thank you for visiting my blog.


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