Inspiring Sri Lanka

Last week I backpacked to Sri Lanka. It was my first ever proper visit to a foreign country. But before I start posting the travelogues, I wish to share with you all a couple of things which grabbed my attention.

Responsible Sri Lankan pedestrians: It was such a delightful sight to watch them use zebra crossings. They would always walk up to the zebra crossings to cross the road. And the drivers were also giving priority to pedestrians – they were slowing down and stopping the vehicles for the pedestrians even at places where there were no traffic lights.  Children are also aware of traffic rules, thanks to their teachers 🙂

Road safety is a big concern in my country and I guess rest of the nations in Indian subcontinent can learn a lesson from the “little brother”.  I am not saying that accidents don’t happen in Lanka – Couple of days ago a speeding private bus knocked down a traffic policeman at Galle Face.  But I can surely say that the stress level of a Sri Lankan pedestrian is very less compared to his Indian counterpart.


Cleanliness: Sri Lanka is super clean. Haters can claim that since it’s a small country waste management is easy. But don’t you think it’s the other way around? Waste management will be a tough job since it’s a small country.  The clean and hygiene toilets of the budget guest houses and hotels where I have stayed shows the standard of the people.  Colombo and Kandy are also virtually dust free. The photos below were taken inside Galle Fort. The whole area is so clean and picturesque.

India’s villages are comparatively clean but many of them lack infrastructure for sanitation and waste management especially toilets and drainage facilities. Mawlynnong, a village in Meghalaya  can be taken as a role model. It was declared the cleanest village in Asia by Discover India travel magazine in 2003. It’s the cities that need a drastic makeover. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan campaign is surely winning the battle against filthiness and I guess very soon entire India will be clean.


In the coming days I’ll be posting more about the Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, do share your inspiring moments when you travelled to a foreign country 🙂