I ate like a local in Sri Lanka

Kottu and rice meals with fish seems to be are the popular food items in Srilanka. Except for the dinner at Galle, I chose local restaurants to have food.

  1. Snacks on-board Mihin Lanka.
    Snacks on-board Mihin Lanka

  2. Lunch at Colombo: Rice with Parippu (Dhal curry), Gotukola Sambol (Pennywort Salad) (the green one at the top), fish fry and couple of other vegetable curries.


  3. Dinner at Kandy: Young Chow & Thai hot garlic prawns


  4. Lunch at Dambulla: Rice, Fish curry, Parippu, Beetroot Curry (next to Parippu), Pappad

    Tried Srilankan Jalebi (not sure about the local name) after lunch. It was super deliciousSrilankan Jalebi

  5. Dinner at Sigiriya: Chicken Kottu with pineapple juice


  6. Breakfast at Sigiriya: Parotta & chicken curry


  7. Lunch at Colombo: Chicken Kottu


  8. Lunch at Galle
    Galle food

And finally some chocolate ice cream to cool off 😉


22 thoughts on “I ate like a local in Sri Lanka

  1. The Sri Lankan breakfast was the biggest surprise for me as I am a Western Breakfast type of guy…these days, I dream of the warm roti bread, yellow lentil and a lamb curry. Sigh…brilliant shots, brilliant post.

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