Chapel of St. Catherine, Old Goa

Chapel of St. Catherine is located adjacent to Basilica of Bom Jesus and behind the mill stones of gun powder factory. This chapel was originally built in 1510 to celebrate the victory of Portuguese General Afonso de Albuquerque over local Muslim rulers on St. Catherine’s day. It was rebuilt in present form in the year 1952.

As I approached the entrance, a cute dog who appeared to be a self-appointed security guard shied away from me. The stalled air inside the chapel had a unique smell of fresh paint and laterite.  The visit was completed in less than 15 minutes.

The cool and fresh morning was turning into balmy afternoon. After a visit to a dozen churches and chapels I was looking forward to visit a dozen more. While I was riding towards The Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount, I was thinking about the difference between the 3Cs and B Church, Chapel, Cathedral and Basilica. 😀


Author: Sreejith Vijayakumar

Have a great liking for travelling and learning about different cultures and communities. Strongly believe that world is a wonderful place to live in.

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