Raj Ghat, Delhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind” – Mahatma Gandhi

Yesterday India and the World celebrated Mahatma Gandhi’s 146th birth anniversary. Floral tributes were offered at Raj Ghat, the cremation spot of Mahatma Gandhi. I strongly believe Gandhi’s message of peace and non-violence can positively affect millions of innocent lives who are suffering because of the conflicts initiated by vested interests. But unfortunately, his teachings are either ignored and/or misunderstood.
Visited on August 2013

11 thoughts on “Raj Ghat, Delhi

  1. Unfortunately I didn’t have any chance to visit this place when I was in India. I hope someday I could … Such a lovely place to be visited in dusty Delhi. By the way is there any museum around there, so the visitors can learn more about Gandhi and his thoughts?

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    1. Hi Diana, thanks for visit. 5 will be too litle but let me try to make a list.
      1. The Himalayas
      2. Rajasthan for its hills and forts
      3 Tamil Nadu for its temples and food
      4 Kerala, my place, for its backwaters
      5 Delhi, the capital of India


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