Oh My Galle!!!

Let me be honest with you all – while I was planning for my Sri Lankan trip, I wasn’t expecting much in Galle. As I had already explored Colombo city during my day of arrival in Lanka, I was looking for a place which was comfortably away from the airport to spend the last day of my trip. Galle was perfect as it was just around 3 hours away from the airport. During the last 5 days of my trip, Sri Lanka had overwhelmed me, but I was pleasantly shocked that she was saving the best for the last in the form of Galle fort.  Galle fort, a UNESCO world heritage site, is a fortified city built by the Portuguese and then expanded by the Dutch. The buildings inside the fort were severely damaged during the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. The efforts made to rebuild the heritage are indeed commendable and inspirational.

The bus journey from Anuradhapura to Galle was uneventful and tiring. As there was no direct bus from Anuradhapura, I had to get down at Colombo to catch another bus to Galle. By late night I arrived at Galle and checked into Lonely Planet recommended Hotel Weltevreden, which is located inside Galle Fort. Next day, I woke up early thanks to the thunderstorm. At first I thought it was an air raid :-D. The weather was pleasant during the past days of my trip. As the rains quickly changed to slight drizzle, the initial plan to spend the day sleeping was shelved and I got out to explore Galle Fort.

(Dutch Reformed Church Groote Kerk,) and Galle Library

Post Office at Galle Fort

All Saints’ Church

Galle Railway StationGalle railway stationDuring the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, an ill-fated train from Colombo to Galle was washed away by tsunami waves leading to the death of around 1,700 passengers. This incident is considered as the largest train disaster in the world.

Meera Mosque

Meera Mosque, Galle


National Maritime Museum 

Old Dutch Hospital

Old Dutch Hospital

Anthonisz Memorial Clock Tower

Galle Lighthouse

Galle Lighthouse

Being a solo traveller I am not a fan of beaches – I prefer to visit them only with my friends. But I couldn’t resist myself from stepping on to the Galle beach.

Grab a guide book and walk along the mesmerizing colonial streets and you will fall in love with this place. I am seriously considering another trip to Sri Lanka just to spend more time here.