Dambulla to Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

After the mindful visit to Dambulla cave temples, I walked towards the bus stop to catch a bus to Sigiriya only to find that there are no buses to Sigiriya from Dambulla!!! The locals told me that I could be lucky to find one if I go to the main bus stand.  But alas! All the buses from main bus stand are travelling towards Trincomalee and none of them are taking a detour through Sigiriya.

My next preferred mode of transportation was Tuk-Tuk. The Tuk-Tuk driver, a cricket fan, was thrilled to meet a solo Indian traveler who speaks Tamil. Throughout the journey he spoke about Dhoni and Kohli and Chennai Super Kings. Dhoni seems to have lot of fans in Sri Lanka! Sometimes as the excitement level hits the peak he will take off his hands from the steering and demonstrate how some cricket shots were played while the tuk-tuk lost control and almost rammed into the vehicles coming the other way. Phew!!!

As we were nearing the town of Sigiriya, I could see giant rock formations.  Luckily I got a room at a hotel near the entrance of the site. Exploring Sigiriya, a UNESCO world heritage site, takes about half a day and I have decided to take ample rest today and start early tomorrow. I’ll be posting more about Sigiriya in the coming days 🙂

Visited on August 1, 2015

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