Sigiriya: Mirror wall, Frescos and Lion’s paws

After climbing steps that seemed endless, I had the first glimpse of the mirror wall. Originally the wall was so polished that it reflected the frescos in the opposite side. Only a small section of the mirror wall and the frescos remain today. On further ascending the stairs, I reached the mighty Lion’s Paws. You’ll get a clear view of the terrace gardens and the water gardens from here. Make sure you carry enough fluids before the climb as there are no shops inside the Sigiriya complex.  I took some time to relax before climbing towards the Summit. I’ll be posting more about Summit in my next post,which will be the final installment of my Sigiriya series.

Part 1: Dambulla to Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Part 2: Sigiriya: The Climb

14 thoughts on “Sigiriya: Mirror wall, Frescos and Lion’s paws

  1. Beautiful pictures, you´re doing what I always wanted to do. Travel and write about it, still need more work in the photography department though.
    By the way those stairs….but I guess as the Americans say “no pain no gain”.
    And glad you stumbled upon one of my crazy posts


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