What I ate in Cambodia

No matter how I hungry I was, taking a picture of the food before eating became a ritual during my Southeast Asia trip. Cambodian cuisine was unique and it was zero spicy. I had to pour lots of sauce and ketchup into the food to raise the Scoville scale. Couple of days  before the trip I bought a new phone, Samsung J7, hoping that its 13 MP primary camera will fetch me better pictures than my Samsung Note 1’s 8 MP camera. The latter gave excellent pictures during my past adventures. But, food shots taken with J7 were below par.

Menus in restaurants were bi-lingual. It was written in Khmer language along with its translated English name.  Whenever I asked for the Cambodian name it led to huge confusion. Here is the list of food that I ate in Cambodia


  1. Fried chicken with pineapple: Chicken and fruit combo was interesting


  2. Morning Glory Chicken
    Cambodia food - Sree is travelling (6)

  3. Lok lak with fried rice


  4. Fried shrimps big noodle and mango shake: Very tasty


  5. Omelette pork and rice


  6. Fried shrimps with green pepper
    Cambodia food - Sree is travelling (14)

  7. Chicken pizza and strawberry shake


  8. Steamed chicken momos

    The tiniest Gujab Jamun I have ever seen. I don’t complain as it was complementary. Lol
    Cambodia food - Sree is travelling (21)


  9. Chicken amok and Vietnamese coffee milk


  10. Tuna sandwich and Banana shake


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