View from PETRONAS: Tallest twin towers in the world

A visit to the iconic PETRONAS Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur was a welcome change for me.  I have managed to visit decent number of ancient sites and monuments but this was my first ever second visit to an architectural wonder of modern times. (I had visited KL tower, 7th tallest tower in the world couple of hours before visiting Petronas)

Tickets can be purchased online from the official website or from counters. There is a separate counter to collect your ticket once you present the printout of the online payment receipt. You will have to deposit your bags at the counter due to security reasons.  It is advisable to book your tickets in advance as queue can become much longer during holidays and weekends.

A brief intro about towers is given before the start of the guided group tour along with holographic display. The elevator swiftly took us to the 41st floor where the Skybridge is located. After spending around 15 minutes at the bridge, we proceed to another set of lift systems to reach the 86th floor.  Unlike the KL tower that offered 360° open deck view of the Kuala Lumpur city, the view from PETRONAS was confined.  Rather than the view, these 3 facts made me fall in love with this building

  1. The design of the floor plate of the towers were developed from the Rub el Hizb, an Islamic symbol
  2. The skybridge connecting the 2 towers are not attached to either of them. It slides in and out when the tower sway during windy conditions
  3. The elaborate superfast lift system

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