Trek to Reiek Peak | Mizoram, Northeast India

After a short walk through the nearly empty streets of Aizawl in the early morning I decided to catch a cab to the nearby Reiek town. According to the official website of Mizoram tourism a model tribal village has been set up at Reiek. I had only planned to visit this model village along with a visit to any of the wineries en route.  Trekking to the Reiek peak which present magnificent views of the mountainous Mizoram state was not in my agenda as I was not sure about the effort and time required to scale the peak.

Negotiating fare with the cab driver was easy and straightforward. People of Mizoram are very kind and soft spoken, just like their counterparts in Ladakh. Mr. Bata who had agreed to take me to Reiek on a reasonable fare was in fact quite amused by my requirement. I guess he had planned to spend the Sunday indolently without much driving. Now he will have to negotiate the winding mountainous path to Reiek. Just before starting the journey, he hastily made a phone call and explained the details of the trip to the other person on the phone. I thought he was talking to his boss, for his voice has become more courteous, but later I was told that he was talking to his WIFE!!!

Reiek is situated 30km away from Aizawl, capital of Mizoram. The place was amazingly windy. We hadn’t had our breakfast as most of the establishments were closed due to Christmas season. Mizos joyfully celebrated the birth of Savior a couple of days ago. Bata bought biscuits and soft drinks from a grocery store which was the only opened shop in the town. We walked towards the model village which had an immaculate amphitheater. The traditional tribal houses were unfortunately in bad shape and sans information. There were cottages and a restaurant in the complex but the whole area looked abandoned as we were the only living beings there. While we were having our breakfast (read biscuits) Bata queried whether I was interested in trekking to the Reiek peak –  without a second thought I gave an affirmation! He took out an iron rod from his cab to deal with any unpleasant surprises while trekking through the forest and we started our trek.

We passed through forest, cave-like rock formations and finally reached the meadows at the top. I never felt tired during the trek as the day was pleasant and moderately cold, thanks to the wintry December. We walked along the edge of the cliff as the meadows danced to the tunes of wind. While nearing the peak, I saw a Jesus-like figure sitting on the edge of the cliff. I wouldn’t be surprised to meet Jesus here in Mizoram, as about 87% of people here adhere to Christianity making Mizoram one of the two Christian majority states in India. (The other one is Nagaland)

We 3 had our quick introductions overlooking Myanmar, Bangladesh and Mizoram. It seems Jesus-like Vika has come all the way from Israel to meet Jews of Bnei Menashe tribe –  a small group of tribal people living in Mizoram who believe they are the decedents of Jesus’s lost tribe.  Myself and Bata had to return soon for he had agreed to come back to Aizawl to meet his “boss” as early as possible. I couldn’t visit any of the wineries while coming back as Bata was also not sure about the route towards them.  On reaching Aizawl, Bata gave his number and insisted me to call him for my airport drop. He then quickly drove away to meet his BOSS!!!

Adding this post to Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest as it fits the theme very well.