Masjid Negara – National Mosque of Malaysia

National Mosque of Malaysia aka Masjid Negara, situated amidst 13 acres of greenery, in Kuala Lumpur commemorate Malaysia’s independence from Britain. This mosque, which can accommodate around 15,000 worshipers, has got a distinctive architecture – the main roof, green in color, symbolizes an open umbrella and the 73m white minaret embodies a closed one. Inside the mosque there are blue tiled pools with fountains that blends well with the white titled corridor. A long array of granite pillars runs along the 2 sides of the corridor. The main prayer area is carpeted and decorated with chandeliers. It has also got a balcony with beautiful stained glass windows.  Heroes’ Mausoleum (Makam Pahlawan), burial ground of Malaysia’s political and religious leaders is situated near the mosque.Entry is free but restricted to non-Muslims during prayer times. Visitors will have to cover themselves up before entering the mosque. Purple robes and black headscarves are available at entrance. Though the elements of comparison between this monument and the mosques in Middle east, Central Asia and Indian subcontinent is nil, National Mosque of Malaysia is a fine example of contemporary Islamic architecture.

Visited on 20th December, 2015