Vintage Gem: Sun Yat-sen Museum, George Town | Penang, Malaysia

The ground floor of mansion at 120 Armenian Street in Georgetown has been converted into a museum dedicated to Sun Yat-sen, a revolutionary from China who played a pivotal role in overthrowing Qing dynasty during Chinese Revolution. Taiwan consider him as the “Father of the Nation” and China as “Forerunner of the revolution”. He also banned the painful practice of foot binding of young girls. During his 4 month stay in this house in 1910, he  Kwong Wah Yit Poh, the oldest Chinese newspaper and Penang Philomatic Union which was mostly used as a cover for his political activities.
This mansion, built in 1880s, was carefully and extensively restored during 1990s. It has a courtyard garden and traditional Nyonya kitchen where the quaint utensils are displayed. The whole building carries an air of old-world charm. Entry fee is RM5 and visitors are offered traditional welcome drinks: Chinese tea, Lime sour plum juice and Pandan water.

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