10 photos of Thailand that will make you fall in love with Prisma (again)

Prisma, unlike the usual tens of thousands of photo editing mobile apps, employed artificial intelligence, which was entirely new for users, to manipulate (or rather transform) photos into something that went beyond the regular photo-filters. The excitement was sky-high when it was launched exclusively for iPhone users; the Android race had to wait a little longer to get it in Google Play, Windows race still feeling betrayed. Though it is still a top-ranking app,  it seems the initial excitement bubble had burst. Here are 10 photos of Thailand in Prisma that will may make you fall in love with Thailand and Prisma (again)..lol

1. The iconic “Buddha’s head in tree roots” at Ayutthaya



2. Thanks to AirAsia’s super low fares, Thailand and rest of Southeast Asia can be explored on a tight budget



3. Soldiers marching at Grand Palace, Bangkok



4. Monkeys at Lopburi, lovable rascals – be extremely careful as they can be aggressive too



5. People of Thailand are highly religious. Here a monk is tying a sacred thread on the hand of a devotee 



6. Thai food is lip-smacking (its not all about insects and bugs)



7. Mystical Garudas at Grand Palace, Bangkok 



8. Bangkok’s Chinatown



9. An idol of Hindu Goddess, Kali. Though predominately Buddhist, Thai people worship Hindu Gods also



10. Finally the tourists that bring life to Thailand’s attractions. Here they are dressed up in traditional attire 


Prisma is yet to launch its video editing features. Meanwhile take a look at Artisto (App Store | Google Play) that creates video with Prisma-like effects.