Man's best friend

Blind and amputated; yet man’s best friend | Bangkok, Thailand

The skyscrapers, flyovers and highways with traffic congestion, narrow and noisy alleys – these scenes define Bangkok city. But it has got a serene side also, thanks to the numerous Buddhist temples and monasteries known as “Wat”s. While I was exploring one such temple, Wat Suthat, one of the top attractions in Bangkok, I came across half a dozen stray dogs at the temple lawn, getting playful with their master, who was attentively looking at an adjacent garden bush and calling out some names. Sensing the movements in the bush, I felt the naughtiest among the pack was hiding there. The master went near the bush and called out the nickname, this time a little louder. A dog emerged from the bushes and unlike what I thought it was not the naughty one – she was blind and amputated. It seems she got lost and was stuck in the bush. She was tired and was moving with great difficultly, yet she was waging her tail on hearing her master’s voice. Her enthusiasm reaffirms the fact that dogs are man’s best friend.

Man's best friend
She was very excited to hear her master’s voice

Man's best friend

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