Uber Cool Africa: First post about my East African solo backpack trip

So I’ve just finished my backpacking trip across East Africa ( Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania; I’ll also brag about the 4 hours spent in Addis Ababa Airport in Ethiopia ;-)). We have been hearing dreadful stories about the war and poverty in this continent but at least some countries have moved on and people have realized how precious peace is. To be honest, I was a way too much concerned about my safety but the People have been so helpful and friendly. Before I start posting about African adventures, I want to share these 2 pictures of this schoolkid wearing a Taqiyah which literally shows how cool Africa and its people are. It totally sums-up the mood of the trip and my interactions with the people. And my upcoming posts will also be about the positivity of this land –  which will be contrary to what some of you have believed or have read but I’ll try my best to demolish some of those stereotypes. 🙂

Pictures taken at Uganda Wildlife Education Center (formerly Entebbe Zoo) during the first day of the trip.

Cool Africa


Author: Sreejith Vijayakumar

Have a great liking for travelling and learning about different cultures and communities. Strongly believe that world is a wonderful place to live in.

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