Purpose of a flower

A Flower bloomed
Lover boy plucked it and offered it his girl
The Flower became the symbol of love.

A Flower bloomed
A mother offered it at the temple for a pushpajali in the name of her child
The Flower became Prasad and protected the child from evil.

A Flower bloomed
They named it after the visiting VIP
The Flower became a symbol of diplomacy

A Flower bloomed
It bloomed across world’s largest democracy
The Flower became a symbol of nationalism for some and for others it became a symbol of intolerance.

A Flower bloomed
Nobody offered it to the temple, nobody offered it to his love, nobody named it after a VIP
Days passed as The Flower stood in bloom without a purpose.

The Flower began to feel sad and weak
She became pale and her petals began to wither
The Flower stood in bloom without a purpose.

She closed her eyes and prepared for the fall
She began to slip away into eternal sleep
A flutter interrupted her journey into the dark.

The fluttering continued and it finally awakened The Flower
She opened her eyes laboriously; the lights were blinding
A Tawny Coster fluttered in front of her
Like a child pleading for mother’s milk.

The fluttering continued and The Flower in a trice found her purpose
The Flower became happy and vivid again; The divine motherly nectar filled her body and soul
The Flower welcomed the butterfly.

Days passed, The Flower was still in bloom;full of nectar
More Tawny Costers arrived, then came a Lime Swallowtail which seemed to be in a hurry, then an Emigrant and more Tawny Costers
She welcomed the bumble bees too.

As they sat and drank milky nectar from her
The Mother Flower swayed rhythmically in the breeze and sang a lullaby that soothed her hungry children
The Flower realized her purpose

A BIG THANK YOU to all those who have read this post and have scrolled till here :-D. This is my first attempt at writing a poem (not sure if  this post qualifies as one). Cosmos flowers grow and bloom easily without any special care, in fact they remain in bloom almost round the year. But they are of less economical value compared to other flowers like roses in my part of the world. Though they are grown in gardens, people tend to be biased towards more fragrant flowers. 

Couple of weeks ago I saw a Tawny Coster on the flower and each passing day I was surprised to see the visitors – there were other flowers in the garden but those were ignored by them.  Later I read in a book about Indian butterflies that Cosmos flowers attract butterflies compared to prestigious roses or lilies. Honestly, I developed a “respect” for these Cosmos flowers and hence this post. The photos are taken in Google Pixel 2.