Do Northern Ireland drivers need a green card to drive in the Republic of Ireland?

The European Commission has announced that insurance Green Cards are no longer needed for Northern Ireland drivers travelling to ROI and the rest of the European Union from Monday 2nd August 2021.

Do I need a green card to drive from UK to Ireland?

A Green Card is not required for those planning on driving their Irish registered vehicle in the UK, including Northern Ireland, so long as they have a valid Irish insurance disc. The insurance disc will serve the same purpose as a Green Card, providing proof of insurance cover.

Can I drive in Ireland without a green card?

You do not need to carry a green card when you drive in the EU (including Ireland), Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia, and Switzerland. You still need valid vehicle insurance. You may need to carry a green card to drive in other countries, including: Albania.

Can you drive a Northern Ireland car in Ireland?

If you are from NI but live in the Republic of Ireland, you should exchange your NI/ UK driving licence for an Irish driving licence before the 31 December 2020, so you can drive legally in the Republic of Ireland.

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Can I drive in Northern Ireland with an Irish licence?

Residents. You can drive in NI with a car and motorcycle driving licence (ordinary driving licence) as long as the licence is valid, or you can exchange the licence for a NI one to show your new details.

Can I drive in Republic of Ireland?

You’ll need either a valid, full national driving licence or an international driving permit to drive in Ireland. In the Republic of Ireland, you must carry your driver’s licence at all times. You must also have motor insurance either in your own name or as a named driver on another’s policy.

Do I need a green card to drive in Europe 2021?

From 2nd August 2021, motorists will no longer require an insurance green card to drive their vehicles in the EU (including Ireland). … You may need to show green cards at police checks and at the border when entering the EEA or moving between EEA countries.

Do UK drivers need a green card?

What is a Green Card? … The European Commission has announced that with effect from the 2nd August 2021, UK drivers will no longer be required to carry Green Cards when driving their vehicle in the EU (including Ireland), Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Serbia, and Switzerland.

Do I need Green Card after Brexit?

What about insurance? On 30 June 2021, the European Commission announced that UK motorists would no longer need to show a green card when entering the EU to prove they had insurance. No exact date has been given for the change, but it should be made in the second half of July.

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Are Green Cards required?

As things stand, UK-based motorists are required to carry green cards when driving in any Green Card System country (this may change in the near future, in which case this guidance will be updated). Responsibility for issuing green cards is given to national organisations (the MIB performs that role in the UK).

How do I register my car from Northern Ireland to Ireland?

Registration & VRT

You have to register your vehicle in Ireland within 30 days. You have to pay Vehicle Registration Tax unless the vehicle is exempt. You register the vehicle at a National Car Test (NCT) centre. You have to book an appointment online or by phoning 01413 5975.

Can you drive in Northern Ireland with N plates?

You must display novice plates (N-plates) on your vehicle for two years after receiving your first full driving licence. This allows you to gain the experience required to become a safer driver.

Will my Irish driving licence be valid in UK after Brexit?

A. An Irish driving licence will continue to be recognised in the UK. An Irish driving licence is an EU licence and the UK has indicated it will continue to recognise EU driving licences.

Is a UK driving licence the same as a Northern Ireland?

Changes made to the format of Great Britain driving licences effective from 8 June 2015 have no effect on licences from the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) in Northern Ireland (NI). NI licences are still made up of two parts, a plastic photocard and paper part which is known as the paper counterpart.

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