What reply did the foreigner give to money when he was telling him about the Pandit view about the horse?

What reply did the foreigner give to Muni when he was telling him about the pundit’s view about the horse?

Answer: The foreigner told him not to waste his breath in sales drive and that he liked the article and was buying it.

What assurance did the foreigner give Muni with regard to the horse what did he tell him about its accommodation?

Answer: The foreigner wanted to take the statue to his home and keep it in his living room because The foreigner was in love with the art and the craft reflecting in the statue of the horse. He assured Muni that he will provide the best shelter to the statue in the USA.

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What does Muni say about the Pandit?

Muni believed in what the Pandit discoursed at the temple once — how the oceans were going to cover the earth in a huge wave and shallow all people and how the horse would grow bigger to carry off the good people on its back.

What did the foreigner give Muni for the horse *?

The foreigner assured Muni that the Horse statue will have the best house in the U.S.A. The foreigner said that he will push away the book case, the foreigner exclaimed that he loved books and is a member of five book clubs, and the choice and bonus volumes mount up to a pile in his living room, as high as that horse …

What does Muni say about the pundit’s discourse in the temple about the horse?

muni interprets the statue: ” this is our guardian…….at the end of kali yuga, this world and all other worlds will be destroyed, and the Redeemer will come in the shape of a horse. ”

Why did the foreigner listen to the foreigner with fascination when he did not understand Muni’s language?

(v) The foreigner listened to Muni with fascination, when he did not understood Muni’s language, because he thought that Muni was describing the beauty of the horse, and its selling price, which fascinated the American.

Why did the foreigner give Muni money?

Ans. The foreigner offered Muni a hundred rupees for the statue. Initially, Muni thought that he is asking for change, so he guided him to get it from the headman of the village as he had a lot of money. Later, Muni thought it is the price for his two goats.

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What explanation did Muni give the American businessman to prove himself innocent?

What explanation did he give to the foreigner to prove himself innocent? Answer: Muni requested the American not to ask him anything as he was unaware of any murder or such incident. He then assured him of catching the convict if they found him and bury him up to his neck in a coconut pit if he tried to escape.

What promise did Muni make to the foreigner with regard to the case?

Answer: Muni promised the foreigner that if they found the murderer, they would hold him for him. They would bury him up to his neck in a coconut pit if he tried to escape. He told him that their village had clean record. The murderer must be from some other village.

How did Muni understand that the foreigner was talking about the horse?

Answer: When Muni tried to back out from the conversation, the foreigner stopped him and asked him if the horse statue was his. Though the linguistic barrier was still there, Muni understood that the reference was being made to the Horse and not to the mutilated body.

What did the foreigner say looking at the clay horse?

What did the foreigner say looking at the clay horse? He looked up at the clay horse and cried, “ Marvellous.”

What truth dawned on Muni?

The foreigner followed his look and decided that it would be a sound policy to show an interest in the old man’s pets. He went up casually to them and stroked their backs with every show of courteous attention. Now the truth dawned on Muni. His dream of a lifetime was about to be realised.

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What did the foreigner tell Muni about his language?

Muni only knew Tamil language and the foreigner knew only English language. There was a communication problem due to language barrier. When foreigner was asking him about the statue, Muni thought he was a policeman and was interrogating.

How did foreigner put him at ease?

How did the foreigner put him at ease? The foreigner was wearing khaki clothes. it made Muni think that he was a policeman or a soldier. To put Muni at ease, the other man pressed his palms together, smiled, and said, “ Namaste!”

How much money did Muni owe to the shopkeeper?

How much money did Muni owe to the shopkeeper? Answer: Muni owed the shopkeeper five rupees and a quarter.