Can we work on H4 visa for Indian company?

Yes indeed there is no problem so long as the H4 holder remains eligible upon each entry (and the H1 visa holder is still in status.)

Can I work for an Indian company remotely from the USA while on an H4 visa I won’t earn in dollars but in Indian currency )?

Yes, as long as the source of the money is outside the United States.

Can H4 visa holder work for a foreign company?

Earning money on an H4 visa can be a bit tricky. While you’re not allowed to pursue employment actively, you also cannot work remotely for a foreign company or freelance. … Unfortunately, there are no quick ways to make money legally on an H4 visa.

Can dependent work in USA for Indian company?

Dependent visa holders can work in the U.S. only if they are in a nonimmigrant visa category that allows for employment with the proper work authorization document.

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Can you work any job on H4?

The H4 EAD holder can work part time or full time without worrying about whether it will affect his/her status. The H4 EAD holder does not have to work in a specialty occupation; H4 visa EAD holders may work in any field for any employer. No job offer is required to apply for H4 visa EAD.

Can I work on H4 without pay?

Yes, you can work as a volunteer for a non-profit company without pay on H4. Make sure that you do hold a position that would otherwise be a paid position.

Can I work from USA on Indian payroll?

Working from India on US payroll is not allowed unless you have some US work visas like H1B or L1 and for a short duration of 1 to 5 months. … You have to abide by the work visa rules of the country that you are currently working from.

Can I work from India on H4 EAD?

There is no requirement for h4 ead holder to be present in US to work. You should be able to work remotely from India, it’s your employer discretion to allow you working from India. As long as you have apporved H4 and H4ead (card) in hand you should be fine.

Can I do work from home on H4 visa?

They are not allowed to work or earn anything, not even from online or stay-at-home jobs that can help them gain some measure of financial independence. There are no Social Security Numbers for them and the only thing they are literally allowed to do, outside home, is shop for groceries.

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Can I do online business on H4 visa?

YES! Those with an H-4 visa [ ] can get an Employment Authorization Document which would allow them to start a legal business in the United States.

Can H4 visa holder work in US 2021?

The H4 visa is issued as a non immigrant dependent visa. The H4 visa is issued to the spouse and children below 21 years of the H1 visa holders. The H4 visa holders can study, live, and work in the US with this visa status.

Can H4 visa holder apply for H1B?

Applying for H1B from H4 Visa Status

Any H4 visa holder may convert from H4 to H1B visa status as long as they meet the H1B visa requirements. The H4 visa holders sponsoring H1B employer must file his or her H1B petition. The H1B sponsoring employer will need to submit the following along with Form I-129.

Can I work for Indian company on L2 visa?

No, you cannot work on L2 visa without the EAD.

Do companies hire H4 EAD?

A2A. As far as employment is concerned, an H4 EAD holder has pretty much the same privileges as a Green Card holder. You can work for any employer, any number of jobs, part time or full time – anywhere.

Can I work 2 jobs on H4 EAD?

H4 EAD holder can work as any green card holder can. And the answer is yes, you can work 2, 3 or 5 jobs if you want to. You will just have to pay taxes on all your income. After a certain point it is the law of diminishing returns.

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What jobs can I do on H4 EAD?

The EAD work permit, once approved, is unrestricted. It allows employment in any sector, in any job, without regard to the H-4 spouse’s education, experience or skills. There is no requirement that the position be “skilled” or “professional.” There is no requirement that the H-4 spouse must have a minimum degree.