Question: What is another word for tour guide?

What do you call a tour guide?

tour guide

  • chaperon.
  • cicerone.
  • docent.
  • escort.
  • guide.
  • sherpa.

What is the two types of tour guide?

Driver Guide-also called as “city guide”. The tour guide drives while guiding. Staff guide-tour guide who works in a travel agency. Freelance guide-tour guide who is not connected with travel agency and paid per trip.

What do you call the person who leads a tour?

In the US usually “tour guide” is used. Or just “guide”.

What are the four types of tour guide?

Types of tour guides

  • Historical guide. A historical guide leads tourists around historical landmarks and points of interest like ruins, temples, battlefields and other sites of historical importance. …
  • Adventure guide. …
  • Museum guide. …
  • Nature guide. …
  • City guide. …
  • Park guide. …
  • Freelance guide.

What is another name for a museum guide?

Museum docent is a title given in the United States of America to people who serve as guides and educators for the institutions they serve, usually as a volunteer (unpaid) position. The English word itself is derived from the Latin word docēns, the present active participle of docēre (to teach, to lecture).

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What is a professional tour guide?

Professional tour guides lead interpretive tours within cities across the United States and abroad. They provide tourists with information, as well as some entertainment. They may give tours of historic areas, museums, landmarks and more. … These tour guides typically work with travel companies.

What do you call a person who guides?

Originally Answered: What is a person who guides you called? Guide, mentor, tutor, advisor, life coach, counselor, teacher, leader, guru, sensei, coach, pastor, lawyer, priest, doctor, therapist, friend, director, boss, role-model, exemplar, or instructor, for starters, depending on the sort of guiding being done.

What is the difference between tour leader and tour guide?

More specifically, the Tour Leader has the responsibility to control and lead the group. While the Tour Guide is only tasked with providing a detailed explanation of the specified destination.

How do you write a tour guide on a resume?

Here’s how to write a tour guide resume that opens up new vistas:

  1. Choose the Best Format for Your Tour Guide Resume. …
  2. Write a Tour Guide Resume Objective or Summary. …
  3. Create the Perfect Tour Guide Job Description for a Resume. …
  4. Make Your Tour Guide Resume Education Section Great. …
  5. Highlight Your Tour Guide Skills.