Quick Answer: How did the word foreigner change its meaning over the centuries?

For example, today we use the term ‘foreigner’ to mean someone who is not an Indian, but in the medieval period, it meant any stranger who was not a part of a society or culture.

How has the word foreigner changed over time?

The term “Foreigner” changed as stated below: (i) Earlier it was referred to the people that belonged to another society and culture. (ii) It is now referred also to the people that belong to the rural area and move towards urban areas.

In what ways has the meaning of term Hindustan and foreigner changed over the centuries?

In what ways has the meaning of the term “Hindustan” changed over the centuries? Answer: In the thirteenth century the term “Hindustan” meant the areas of Punjab, Haryana and the lands between the Ganga and Yamuna. The term was used in the political sense for lands that were a part of the dominions of the Delhi Sultan.

Who used the word Hind?

The Arabic term Hind, derived from Persian Hindu, was used by the Arabs to refer to the Indianised region from the Makran coast to the Indonesian archipelago. But eventually it too became identified with the Indian subcontinent.

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Which of the following is the meaning of foreigner in the past?

Answer: Any stranger who appeared say in a given village, someone who was not a part of that society or culture was considered a ‘foreigner’ in the past.

Which of the following was not the meaning of foreigner in the past?

Stranger and ajnabi are not the meaning of the words foreigner in the past. Explanation: Stranger means a person whom we do not know. It also means a non acquainted person.

In what ways has the meaning of the term Hindustan changed over the?

:Over the centuries there has been a vast change in the meaning of the term “Hindustan”. Today it is understood as India, the modern nation state. In the thirteenth century the term stood for the lands under the Delhi Sultanate. Babur used the term to describe the geography, culture and fauna of the subcontinent.

Why India is called Bharat?

The name is derived from the ancient Hindu Puranas, which refer to the land that comprises India as Bhāratavarṣa (Sanskrit: भारतवर्ष, lit. ‘country of Bharata’) and uses this term to distinguish it from other varṣas or continents.

How India got the name Hindustan?

Hindu was the Persianised version of the Sanskrit Sindhu, or the Indus river, and was used to identify the lower Indus basin. From the first century of the Christian era, the Persian suffix, ‘stan’ was applied to form the name ‘Hindustan’.

Why Hindustan name changed to India?

The Terms India and Hindustan

1 They suggest that slight linguistic changes resulted in the Persians calling this region on the banks of the Indus Hindu, which was then adopted as India by Roman and Greek writers.

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