What countries can NZ passport go without visa?

How many countries can a NZ citizen travel without visa?

185 Visa-free States for New Zealand

Holding New Zealand’s passport is very convenient, as citizens can travel to 185 countries without a Visa!

Which countries can you visit with NZ passport?

New Zealanders holding an ordinary passport can enter the following countries for the stated additional period:

  • Greece 90 days.
  • Spain (90 days)
  • France (90 days)
  • Austria (3 months)
  • Portugal (90 days)
  • Finland (90 days)
  • Sweden (3 months)

Do NZ citizens need a visa for Canada?

As stated by the visa policy of Canada, the citizens of New Zealand who plan a trip to Canada are not required to apply for a visa if their stay is short. However, traveling by plane means that you have to acquire a Canada ETA before your departure.

Do NZ passport need visa for USA?

The Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) permits New Zealand citizens to enter the USA for business and tourism purposes for up to 90 days without a visa. … New Zealanders who do not qualify for the VWP (eg, students, journalists) will continue to need visas in order to transit or visit the USA.

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Can I live in Canada with a New Zealand passport?

Most New Zealanders come to Canada with a goal to stay there permanently. … Permanent Residency for New Zealand foreign nationals can be thought of as ‘tentative Citizenship” because of a few differences between permanent residency and citizenship in Canada.

Do NZ citizens need visa for Dubai?

New Zealand Citizens

Visas are valid for entry to the UAE up to 30 days from the date of issue. Passengers must have a valid onward flight booking outside of the UAE and a valid hotel booking for the duration of the stay in the country.

Where can I fly without a visa?

US citizenship provides the right to travel abroad without having to show proof of admissibility upon re-entering the US. This travel freedom is very dependent on a country’s wealth.


Country Length of Stay without Tourist Visa
Cyprus 90 days
Czech Republic 90 days
Denmark & Greenland 90 days
Finland 3 months

Do New Zealand passport holders need a visa for Turkey?

New Zealand citizens who intend to travel to Turkey for tourism-related reasons for up to 90 days do not require a visa in advance of travel to Turkey. Provided they can show sufficient funds to support themselves and onward travel bookings, they are usually granted entry to Turkey for a period of 90 days.

Do New Zealand need visa for UK?

New Zealand passport holders may generally enter the UK for six (6) months without a visa on a visa waiver if they are here for a holiday. … To live, study and work in the UK you must obtain the necessary visa before you arrive in the country.

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Can Kiwi work in Canada?

Description: The Working Holiday category is designed for New Zealand citizens who intend to travel in Canada and who wish to find temporary paid employment to help pay for their trip (up to 23 months). Note: As a citizen of New Zealand, you may participate in IEC only once.

Is New Zealand better than Canada?

Read: Cost of Studying in New Zealand. Cost of Living for International Students in New Zealand.

Cost of studying a postgraduate program in Canada vs New Zealand.

Particulars Postgraduate courses in Canada Postgraduate courses in New Zealand
Duration 1.5-2 Years 1-2 Years

Can I fly to Canada from NZ?

Unvaccinated visitors from New Zealand will not be allowed to enter Canada. Vaccinated visitors from New Zealand can enter Canada with a negative COVID-19 test result.

Can New Zealand citizen live in USA?

The US ESTA for New Zealand citizens is a visa waiver that grants authorization to enter the United States of America. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) was designed as a way for eligible visitors to gain permission to enter the United States, while being screened for security purposes.

Can Kiwis work in USA?

“Access to E1 and E2 visas will increase the ability of New Zealand businesses to grow, trade with, and work and invest in the United States, which will have a reciprocal benefit to our nation and Hawaii’s economy,” Menor-McNamara added.

Can New Zealand citizens work in Australia?

Most NZ citizens can visit, live and work in Australia without applying for a tourist or work visa. NZ permanent residents need to apply for visas to Australia.

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