Your question: Do Australian citizens need a visa for Saudi Arabia?

Every Australian citizen needs to have a visa before they can legally enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. There is an assortment of visas available to visitors, which includes but is not limited to, business visas, employment visas, student visas, and more.

Can Australian enter Saudi Arabia?

The Saudi Arabia eVisa is a digital visa that allows Australian passport holders to enter Saudi Arabia. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia only recently began to grant tourists access to the country.

Can I get a visa on arrival in Saudi Arabia?

The Saudi Arabia eVisa can be obtained by completing an online application form. A visa on arrival for Saudi Arabia is also available for nationals who can apply for an eVisa. … Both the eVisa and visa on arrival permit the holder to stay in Saudi Arabia for up to 90 days.

Do I need visa to Saudi Arabia?

Visas. All visitors, including pilgrims, need a visa to enter Saudi Arabia. … If you’re travelling for any other purpose, you should apply for a visa through visa agencies accredited to the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia. If you overstay your visa you will be fined and deported.

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How can I get Umrah visa from Australia?

Umrah Visa Requirements:

  1. A completed original Umrah visa application form. …
  2. One recent passport size color photograph with a white background should be attached to the application form. …
  3. Passports should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of submission of the application form.

How can I get Australian visit visa from Saudi Arabia?

or by emailing:

There are 3 ways to apply for a Tourist visa:

  1. Electronically over the internet;
  2. On a paper application form; or.
  3. Via a Service Delivery Partner (SDP).

How many hours does it take from Australia to Saudi Arabia?

Average direct flight time is 13 hours 23 minutes.

The fastest direct flight from Australia to Saudi Arabia is 13 hours 23 minutes.

Who can enter KSA without visa?

Nationals of the following five countries do not require a visa to visit Saudi Arabia and may use national ID Cards to enter the country:

  • Bahrain.
  • Kuwait.
  • Oman.
  • Qatar.
  • United Arab Emirates.

Where can Saudis go without a visa?

Saudi Residents

  • Bahrain. Home to sun-baked deserts, glittering waterfronts, miles-long coastline, Bahrain is just other-worldly.
  • Belarus. A country where you can experience the wonderful nature, fascinating architecture, and ancient wonders within budget.
  • Botswana. …
  • Dominica. …
  • Ecuador. …
  • Egypt. …
  • El Salvador. …
  • Georgia.

What is free visa in Saudi Arabia?

Please keep in mind that the Saudi Arabia visa-free countries do not require a visa in order for you to enter and travel throughout them. To clarify, the visa-free countries list includes states a Saudi Arabia passport holder could travel to without a visa, by obtaining a visa on arrival, or via an eTA.

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Can anyone go to Saudi Arabia?

Yes, Saudi Arabia is safe for tourists. As with travel to any other country in the world, be respectful of local rules and customs, be mindful of your surroundings, and carry out due diligence before traveling. Be sure to consult travel advisories before your trip.

How much does a Saudi visa cost?

Visa fees (SAR 300) and insurance (SAR 140). The amount in SAR is equivalent to $123 dollars. The visa is valid for up to one full year (365 days) with a maximum 90-day duration of stay at one time and multiple entries.

Can foreigners travel to Saudi Arabia?

The Saudi Arabian Government announced that effective December 3, Saudi Arabia will allow travelers from all other countries to enter the Kingdom if they are fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine.

Can a woman perform Umrah alone?

Women below the age of 45 years cannot perform Umrah without a Mahram. Women above 45 years of age can perform the pilgrimage in a group but not alone. Women may cover their head while performing Umrah rituals however they must not cover their hands and faces.

What is the age limit for Umrah 2021?

On November 19, 2021, the ministry has set the age limit of a minimum of 18 years and a maximum of 50 years to book an appointment and issue permits to perform Umrah.

How much does it cost to do Umrah from Australia?

What is the cost of the Saudi Arabia Umrah e-Visa? The total cost for your Saudi Arabia e-Visa and processing will be: USD 173.00 for Standard processing. USD 198.00 total for Rush processing.

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