Can you get a visa on arrival at Muscat airport?

As of February 2019, Oman visas on arrival are NOT available at the Muscat International Airport. This process was transformed into an electronic visa system, allowing visitors from 60 different nationalities to apply online.

Is visa on Arrival available in Muscat?

Can Indians get a visa on arrival in Oman? Visas on arrival are no longer issued in Oman. Indian citizens require a visa to enter the country and must apply before departure. Indian passport holders who have a valid visa or residence permit from certain nations can take advantage of the Oman eVisa system.

Can I get Oman visa on border?

Yes, Oman is issuing visas. Eligible travelers may now register online to get their Oman eVisa. Oman is open for tourists with a valid visa who meet the current COVID-19 entry requirements.

How can I get Muscat visa?

When applying for a visa, the validity of Passport should be at least for next 180 days or more. Copy of Passport, Omani Residence permit / ID should be submitted. The passport must have at least three blank pages and should not be Mutilated/ damaged/ tampered in any manner.

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Does Muscat require transit visa?

If you are in transit ✈ in Muscat but do not leave the airport, you will not need a visa. If you are in long transit (up to 72 hours), you can apply for a transit visa with the help of your airline. Passengers on cruise ships making a stopover in Oman of less than 48 hours do not need a visa.

Do you need a transit visa for Muscat airport?

You do not require any transit visa at Muscat Airport. Just take the help of the transfer desk or the airline staff as you get off from your first flight.

How much is visa on arrival in Oman?

The prices will vary depending on the type of entry you want for the Oman eVisa. If you go for the multiple entries type, the prices will be as follows: $160, $210, or $240. For those who can apply for a GCC residence permit, the prices go down to $43, $93, or $123 respectively.

Can I travel to Muscat now?

-Omani citizens and residents can travel abroad without pre-approval. -Omani citizens shall have health insurance covering COVID-19 valid in the country they are traveling to. -Travelers need to be at the airport at least 3 hours before the official time of departure or 4 hours at most.

How can I get visit visa for Oman?

Applicants can obtain their tourist visa for Oman in 3 simple steps:

  1. Fill out the Oman tourist visa application form. Complete it Now.
  2. Pay the visa fee using a credit or debit.
  3. Receive the Tourist eVisa by email.
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What is 1a visa in Oman?

Citizens of the United State of America are eligible for a one-year multi-entry tourist visa for fifty Omani Rials (R.O. 50). This visa allows its holder to stay in Oman for 30 days on each visit. It is available either online or upon arrival at a legal port of entry.

Which countries get visa on arrival in Oman?

Oman Visa-free Countries: List

  • Bahrain.
  • Kuwait.
  • Qatar.
  • Saudi Arabia.
  • The United Arab Emirates.

How can I get visit visa for Philippines from Oman?

Filipino visitors can get their visa to Oman in 3 simple steps:

  1. Complete the online Oman visa application for Filipino. Start Now.
  2. Pay for the visa fee.
  3. Receive the approved visa by email.

Do UK citizens need a visa for Oman?

For other types of visit, British nationals need a visa to enter Oman. Visit visas are available on arrival at the airport, however it is recommended that you apply for a visa before you travel. Applications can be made through the Royal Oman Police portal.

How long does Oman visa take?

The time required for processing a tourist visa to Oman usually takes 5 days. To apply for a business visa to Oman, an Indian citizen needs to pay a sum of Rs. 7100. The time required for processing a business visa to Oman usually takes 5-8 working days.